look at me! I have new things! **pics**

  1. I put on a pic of all the new shoes to compensate for only having these pics! I realized tonight I'm going to leave all the modeling pics for everyone else cuz i'm just not rockin it after a day with my little guy!

    I tried to get my cousin to model all the scarves but she wasn't havin it! We got one though!

    I am showin the damier stuff tonight..I mostly wanted to show off a couple of other things I picked up!

    (in every pic i'm wearing the Brown Pastilles Bracelet:graucho: )

    1. Vuitton Azur..figured I would put all the bags on at once! 3 birds...:wlae:
    2. damier speedy and Pomme D' Amour cles...love it

    3. Coach Gold reversible tote...love this bag! Didn't even know it was reversible until I brought it home..was a nice surprise!

    4. Michael Kors Santorini Tote..I've always loved this bag! I also got it in tan.

    5. The new shoes..I love shoes, I really do!

    6. My lovely cousin modeling a White MC bandeau!!


  2. Lovely family portraits. Your cousin is a sweety for modeling for ya. Enjoy all. Congrats!
  3. Lovely ! :yes:
  4. Everything is so cute! Thanks for sharing!
  5. That Coach tote is so cute! I saw it on sale at Macy's (I think that style, but not totally sure).
    Great purchases!
  6. Nice things! I have that MC bandeau and love it, it makes a great headband!
  7. Whoa...congrats! Hot shoes!!! I love the Pomme...I have one, too! Also, this may come off as OT, but I love the Coach tote :drool:...funny how I started liking Coach and D&B after I got into LV :lol:
  8. Love it ALL!!!
  9. Thanks for posting! They all look so cute!
  10. congrats!you look sooo cute in the mc bandeau!
  11. Wow! Your sure got alot of things! They are all lovely, congrats!
  12. Congrats!!!! Love the Damier Azur family. ;)
  13. Mom is that you?:p

    my mother ALWAYS says that when i show her things I buy...


    Thanks everyone for the congrats..I need to get on the board and do some well-wishing to others like ya'll are doing to me!

    I understand now why people aren't always in a rush to do "modeling pics"....those 4 pics got whittled down from like 15!
  14. Love it all, congrats!
  15. Great selection- love the Damier twins!