Look at all the new bags...

  1. with all the new styles, do you think that the older models such as manhattan PM, speedy 25, saleya..etc..are outdated?

    just wondering :shrugs:
  2. I don't think so ... the speedy is timeless and an LV icon, will always be in style. The manhattan is still a hot bag, it's even in the front page of vuitton.com ... as for the saleya, that's still pretty new.
  3. the Speedies will never go out of style, just because they're the classic pieces that everybody wants. as for the Manhattan bags, they'll never go out of style because they're just too beautiful; i still love mine
  4. never think of bag as up to date or outdated LOL
    i only see them as "i like it" or "i don't like it" :p
  5. definitely not! I personally think that very few LV bags ever go out of style...that's what I love about them!
  6. no.....definetley not :]

    (by the way i love your bunnies)
  7. I still like the old styles, even the Amazone I think is a really cool style! I love across the body bags....
  8. Speedies will go out of style when H*ll freezes over-Haha!! The only bags that look really outdated to me in monogram and damier are the ones you see on Vuitton.com when you scroll just about all the way down....it seems like the least popular bags are at the bottom of the list. I'm sure some of those will be fazed out in years to come especially with all these newer bags coming out.
  9. NEVER!

    (cute bunnies)
  10. Not at all! : )
  11. i guess the reason why i'm asking is because im thinking of whether to keep the manhattan PM or not... i haven't used it since the first week i got it! i wonder whether i think it looks old or not?

    on the other hand, i've been using my mini lin speedy on and off...but at least i use her :sweatdrop:
  12. thanks for the "cute bunnies" comment girls! i just got the "patched" one on sunday as a companion for the tan one..wonder what to call him.

  13. It doesn't look old IMO, I don't see that style very often actually. An upcoming classic if ya ask me.
  14. i lve them all.... well- the ones i dont, im trying to sell..... but i do lvoe lv! and i think that some of the styles r gonna be iconic-
  15. I agree with everyone else, Speedy's are a classic and as for the Manhattan my Sl told me is one of their best sellers. Every time i open a magazine i always see some celeb wearing one.. IMO, no, it doesn't look old at all..