Look at all my NEW goodies!!

  1. Hi guys.......I am usually up and about in the LV sub-forum.........I :heart: Coach as well.......

    A couple months ago, I lost my only Coach bag that my parents gave me for Christmas last month (It was'nt a huge bag, cause at the time, I was only 11, but it meant the WORLD to me)......I was very sad that I lost my FIRST designer bag, but now I have LV, Fendi, and other designers, BECAUSE of that Coach bag!!

    So, here my dears, are my new FRIENDS!! :nuts:

    ^^ My PINK Coach Agenda!!! ^^


    ^^ I have no idea what its called:shrugs: , but another bag! ^^


    ^^ The best part!! My Hamptons PINK tote!! ^^
  2. nobody? :sad:
  3. I :heart: your agenda... it's SUPER cute!!!
  4. nice ones!! theyre gorgeous!! congrats!!:yes:
  5. can u guys tell that I totally LOVE pink? LOL!
  6. Congrats Couture_Girl! You always do serious damage. I wonder what your collection will look like when you are my age!
  7. LOVE the agenda. I'm looking to buy that same one. What size is yours? :smile:
  8. They are gorgeous! I love pink as well and that pink scribble bag is beautiful!

    Your agenda and bag go perfect together!
    Congrats on you purchases!
  10. omg i love them!
  11. Your bags are so cute - and I LOVE that planner in the pink! Congrats!
  12. I want that agenda as well. I love it!
    Very nice goodies!!
  13. I love your agenda! I need an agenda!!!
  14. thanks guys!!
  15. I love the Hamptons tote!