Look alike - Bow bag vs. D&B Florentine Vacchetta Satchel

  1. I didn't know where to put this post, but I wanted to share.
    I love the bow bag. I think it is one of the prettiest bags around. It would appear that Dooney & Bourke feel the same way....

    The Florentine Vacchetta Satchel from Dooney & Bourke
    Link to D&B: http://www.dooney.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=51931

    the Bow Bag

    It's been said that there's no originality in fashion, only some form of authenticity. But come on! Not to make a big deal out of it, I've certainly seen many other designs "inspired" by the bow bag. Nine West had a satchel of very similar design. I guess I expected a little better of D&B designers.

    I like how this bag looks. But of course I do. I like the bow bag, and this looks like the bow bag :P Would not purchase though...I think I would be too embarrassed to carry it out.

    Thoughts on this? Would you buy?
  2. definitely not! I have seen other miu miu inspired bags and it's frustrating!
  3. I would not buy it, it can't compete with the bow :P But sadly I also think that many people buying it may not know about the bow and that they look very much alike. They will prob just like the look if the DB bag and pick it :smile:
  4. ^I agree. If I didn't know where the design "inspiration" came from, I would love that bag. And D&B is a well enough respected name that most people wouldn't think twice about it. But knowing where the design came from, I just can't in good conscience buy it.

    It reminds me of that scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep's character goes on a rant about how haute couture evolves into mass production and how designs keep trickling down the chain.
  5. I noticed the resemblance immediately when someone posted this bag in the general section. I can imagine Miu Miu fans are none to happy about this. Kate Spade has also released a similar bag. And my reaction was the same "hey that looks a bit like the Bow."
  6. Exactly :yes: But I like the bow bag mostly because of the cute bows so I wouldn't buy that D&B bag anyway :P
  7. It is an imitation, but D&B bag is rigid, theit bags do not have that addictive slouch, softness and amazing smooshiness of the leather.

    I discovered recently a bag that is a copy of my YSL clutch:

    Prada copied YSL !!!!

    Original vintage YSL turquoise clutch



    Prada copy

  8. Hahahaha. Should i be embarrassed then cuz i was thinkin kf getting the bag. Just cus i can get it any second if i want to vs i have to save upma longgg time for the bow. :sad: oi... What to do.
  9. Buy the one you like the most. I bought the DB version because I abhor bows. I love the Miu Miu bow bag, but have refused to purchase one because of that one large too feminine detail. So I am not embarrassed. The DB satchel is a quality bag and not a fake.
  10. It's totally not fake. I think DB knows what they r doing. They r an established brand after all.

    Do u have pics? How does rhe leather feels? I love leather bags and shoes. :d if u have some pics wearing tbe bag, do share.
  11. Actually, I just sold my last bow, I've owned 2 of them. I bought the D&B and I like it MUCH better. Good quality, good price, durability and functionality.

    The bow is grand, don't get me wrong, but I'm happier with this bag now. :smile:
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  12. why did u sell it, may I ask? is it hard to maintain (the bow). the last designer bag I destroyed was a gucci speed. i didn't do it on purpose but I am just not very good at taking care of them. :/

    i love the price tag on the D&B though. :biggrin:
  13. Both bows were cute, but both mine had that problem with the cracking sealant and they don't have functional pockets inside and I got tired of digging for my stuff.

    Plus, I wanted new stuff. :P
  14. I'll admit that I was seeing red for a bit when I saw the D&B bag. I would never buy it - for my own reasons - but I can definitely see this being a very popular bag.