Look-alike bags?

  1. I just noticed this....check out Tano's Movie Mogul bag and compare it to the Nikki.


    So much alike...the shape of the top strap, the studs at the top, the buckles on the side. Coincidence?
  2. Oh wow! That's like a complete rip-off! :wtf: Except for the hardware on the side!
  3. Didn't Coach do one a lot like that too?
  4. Wow, those are eerily similar. Not perfectly identical, but very close. I wonder which came out first?
  5. Although I have no idea what the bag looks like, I have heard from other PF'ers that the Coach Carly and RM Nikki look very very similar. =/
  6. Coach Carly:


    Nah, I don't think it looks too much like the Nikki. However....another Tano bag:

  7. tsk tsk Tano!
  8. Nahhhh, the Nikki blows all of the other bags outta the water, KWIM? The others look like cheap Nikki look-a-likes!
  9. Oooh, creepy - but the Nikki definitely looks better!
  10. wow!