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  1. hey there guys! sorta new here, but i have a quick question for y'all:smile:

    I want to find a purse similar to this coach one: http://www.pursefair.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Coach-New-Jewel-Crossbody-Bag1.png

    its the coach new jewel crossbody purse. it doesn't have to be coach but something that has similar material and size and such...plus it must be cute! lol

    i figured no place better to ask the the purse forum! thanks and i really hope you can help!
  2. That purse is from about a year ago if I am not mistaken. I think it was made for factory. I know I saw it there quite awhile ago. It came in a cream color as well. I don't know if another manufacturer makes something similar, but if you want this Coach, your best bet is probably ebay. There is a place on ebay to place requests. If you are lucky, someone on TPF will have one they are willing to sell to you.
  3. It came to the outlets from the full price stores about 1 year ago. I agree, ebay probably your best bet :smile: