Looing for Fabulous mid-rise or high rise jeans?

  1. I just got in the most fabulous pair of jeans I've gotten in quite a while. The brand is J. Brand, apparently a favorite of Angelina Jolie. I got the Model 818 in ink,(bootfit), they fit like a glove (has stretch) and fit just below the belly button but not to high, hits just perfect. I haven't been so happy with a pair of jeans in so long. I got them at Activeendeavors.com with a 25% off code plus no freight and no tax. What a deal. I'm 47 and the low rise is just not my thing anymore. I highly recommend this brand, especially this specific style. And if you don't like them Activeendeavors offers free shipping back to them. What a great offer. This is my first purchase with this company, but I'll certainly use them again (as long as they keep offering the great discounts).
  2. I love J Brand's jeans. They were actually recommended to me by another member of tPF. Since then, I have purchased several pairs.

    I'm with you. Last time I went to Nordstrom to try on jeans I was so frustrated with how low everything still is. Some of us 'older' people don't want to show our goodies when we bend down.
  3. J Brand has some nice stuff and I still keep coming back to 7FAM.
  4. i am 27 and hate it as well.. thanks for the advice ;)
  5. My problem is this and it makes me cry. I can no longer fit into a 31!! I have a larger belly so no jeans fit me around the waist yet its too baggy around the back and thighs and crotch.
  6. I would also recommend Paige Hidden Hills, which is their mid rise rise jean (9"), or Paige Rising Glen (9.5"), their high rise jean. I love the fit of Paiges and I love the comfort of a higher rise, and these fit the bill!