Lonnie Flats

  1. Anyone who owns or has seen the Lonnie flats in Punch can you describe the color? Online they look red, but the name Punch makes me think they would be more pink like on the Signature Stripe stuff.. I'm really confused!
  2. I saw these in person today and they are more red than pink, definetely not punch like the signature stripe punch. Hope that makes sense!
  3. Thanks. Thats how they look online too. I wish they wouldn't use the name Punch though, it makes things more confusing.
  4. oh yeah, definately much more red than pink...which is a total bummer.
  5. Yeah, they shouldn't use punch for the name! I was considering getting them to go with my punch stripe tote--glad you guys clued me in so I could save some $!
  6. yea i dont know why they didnt pick a different name. i thought the same thing for a while.