Longtime lurker but new poster... New spring Treesje at Bloomies

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I haven't posted here before, but I am a big fan of Treesje and I appreciate all the info I've found here. I wanted to share that some of the new Treesje bags are online:


    Ack, I can't get the link to work right, but if you search for Treesje they are there. :smile:

    I personally don't do gold hardware, but otherwise I like these designs. The Revealed and Exposed would be too big for me though. I wonder if there will be a mini version of either of those.
  2. Maybe this link will work...


    The "grey" color on the Revealed Studded Satchel looks really pretty although I find it more beige-taupe in color. I love the combination of the zippers that come together in the middle and the diagonal stud, pleat and stitching patterns. Treesje does an amazing job of combining details from older styles to create whole new ones.

    Spring looks to be a great season!:tup:
  3. :flowers:

    WELCOME! Thank you for the update =)
  4. I had to search "Treesje" to find the new studded spring stuff. It's gorgeous! While I don't really like the gray color that much (too beige looking for me, at least the pics on the Bloomies website are), the designs are gorgeous. I love the revealed and the nude is cute too. That diagonal pleat design is just tdf. I hope there's a non-studded version of this in the future too. The studs are trendy, yet subtle... kinda like the Marc Jacobs Stardust line. Very pretty! Also loving the variations in the color throughout the bag (one of my favorite traits of most Treesje leathers)

    Thanks for the update.

    EDIT: Just realized that other sites have the Revealed in additional colors. In lurve!!!
  5. OMG, that Bluette color is GORGEOUS!!!!:faint::faint:
  6. I love the nude...I like that the studs are nice and small...Haven't really jumped on board with this trend. Trying to decide on another crossbody. I have a soliel, but am now debating between the nude or the Jovi. Any feedback on either one?
  7. If you don't really like the studded trend, you should probably go for the Nude, I think. The Jovi's studs are definitely very substantial, and they may be too large for your liking if you don't really like the studded trend. Plus, it may be worth keeping in mind that the Jovi and Soleil are essentially the same bag, except with different embellishments (studs vs ruffles).

    I don't think there have been enough reports on the Nude to comment on it beyond its look, but if the studs may be a concern for you, I think the Nude may be a much better choice. HTH!
  8. I really love the nude. Gorgeous.. My favor color is the blue.. but has anyone seen the nude in red?
  9. Nude in Viola
    loving it!