Longshot I know, but... red Lady Braid satchel sightings/info?

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  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I would LOVE a Lady Braid satchel in red!! :love: :love: I think only certain Chanel boutiques carried it, but I'm not positive (I know NM didn't have it, and Saks apparently had the flap but not satchel). :sad: Any info or help would be greatly appreciated! :flowers:
  2. I got mine from the Chanel Boutique in Chicago.
  3. Try the Chanel boutiques in Las Vegas.
  4. Thanks ladies! :heart: :flowers: I actually found one, but I'm debating over whether or not I really need it. :rolleyes:
  5. ohhh i love the lady braid tote and the satchel in that pinky red color!! Do you have any ladybraid anything??
  6. ^ Hi Sheana! :smile: Missed your posts girl! ;) Actually, I don't haha... I LOVE the handheld Lady Braid satchel soo much... I was debating between black and red, and was going to get the black until I found out I could still get the red! :nuts: :love: I've just spent soo much lately that I'm not sure either is a good idea haha, but I'll see (I could call it a Christmas present to myself hehe)! ;) :love: Are you loving your white Jumbo? :nuts:
  7. Ooooooooooo, congrats on finding the red lady braid Minal!! :nuts:

    Go for it!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. ohh that sounds lovely! i want one so bad but i have been super bad and purchased WAY too many things lately. Id say get it. Once its gone, its gone!
  9. Aww, thanks Shar! :love: Haha, I think I will! :nuts: I'm definitely getting rid of my Bal Rouge Vif Twiggy if I do buy the LB... too many bags, no space :sweatdrop: (and if I have the best red handheld bag in the LB, I don't need another hehe)! :p

    *pure_honey - Haha, yeah, I more than know the feeling... I've been spending ridiculously haha :nuts:... I'll probably get it as a Christmas present for myself (something I definitely do NOT need hehe), since it is a limited/seasonal ligne and I won't pay over retail for it months down the line! :nogood:
  10. Exactly Minal, may i ask which store you found her at? Saks NM or the boutique? in case i happened to win a lottery i know where to find one HEHE
  11. ^ Hey girl! :smile: Haha, I wouldn't mind winning the lottery too... maybe we can both win, that would be great!! :p Actually, that's the problem... NM or Saks didn't order the LB satchel in red (Saks ordered the flap and the huge tote, and NM didn't order red at all), only Chanel boutiques did, and apparently not very many either. :nuts: Chanel Hawaii has a few I believe (well, I hope one is still on hold for me still hehe)... so if I'm going to get this bag, I need to call them tomorrow! :smile: If you win the lottery, you can get one too, and we'll be bag twins!! ;) :heart: