Longshot, but please help ID this bag

  1. In hotel checkout line this morning, this woman had a stunning woven bag. Told her it was beautiful, asked what it was, she said a limited edition BV called "Aqua Renee" (at least that's what it sounded like). She said only 150 were made and she got #81.

    It looked like pink / rose metal weaved in with tan leather. Very slouchy bag. Ahh, it's so gorgeous. I've scoured the web and eBay trying to find info on this bag. Nothing. Do I have the spelling wrong? Is there anywhere I can get info on all of BV's limited editions. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give. You know what it's like when you can't get a bag off your mind!! :nuts:
  2. Can't help you but it certainly sounds like a gorgeous and unique bag. How cool that you noticed it!
  3. :shrugs: So sorry, it doesn't ring a bell. You can always try going into a BV store and describing it to them. They can also show you their Limited Edition bags, and they have catalogues to look at as well. Sounds like an interesting bag!
  4. Thanks! I think I am going to go into a store and ask! Until then, I am going to set my eBay daily search watch for any and all Limited Edition BVs!
  5. Please report back any findings! Would love to know more, thanks. :smile:
  6. I will! :yes:
  7. Found it! Well, a photo of it! My initial description wasn't too accurate. I scoured style.com's BV runway collections. And...the last photo of Fall 2004 was the bag. I think she's just so pretty! (Oh dag, I just called a bag a "she", I'm really getting it bad now.)

    Still don't know the official name but I am putting it out there - one day, this bag will be mine! Someone, somewhere will tire of it and I shall have it! :love:

  8. Beautiful bag!^^

    Good luck to you in finding it.
  9. Glad you found it! That's the Origami hobo, or more commonly called the " Fortune Cookie Bag" It unfolds when you fill it up...

    Good detective work!:p