Longoria tops Maxim's list of 'Hot 100'

  1. She tops Maxim's seventh annual "Hot 100" list of the most successful women in film, TV, music, sports and fashion for the second year in a row. She is sexy, and successful, but I don't think she is that sexy and successful. Alba might be lot better!



    Source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. I just don't see the fascination with her. She's 100% average IMO.
  3. I agree! Average, not Maxim-sexy (or sexy at all for that matter). I don't know any guys who think she's very attractive.
  4. Wow, second pics she really pushed up her boobs LOL, She is ok but I think she has great publicist.
  5. She's very pretty but I don't think she's hot at all.
  6. i love her to death, but i think for most men (and this will go for most celebrities and other peoples opinions) i am in love with her character! Gabby from DH, we see her as this overly sexual bieng, who runs around her house in skimpy outfits and (in seson one) is more interested in a good night with the gardener than salvedging her relationship, men then reflects this upon her public image and how we percive her (even subconsiously)
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