Longines or Rolex?

  1. I decided I need a nice timepiece and don't know which one to invest in. The ones I've been eyeing are the Longines Dolce Vita with round dial, diamond bezel and markers, and a white face, and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual with rhodium face and Roman numeral markers.

    The Longines is more bling and feminine with the diamonds, plus it's a third of the price of the Rolex. I like the quartz movement because I don't think I'll wear a watch everyday, especially since I don't think an expensive watch is appropriate for work.

    My boyfriend votes for the Rolex, because it's the ultimate watch and he thinks after wearing a Longines for a while I will still want it. He'd rather I save and pay for the Rolex rather than "wasting" money on the Longines, then getting the Rolex too. I like that the Rolex can be upgraded with different dials and bezels later on in life. The cons are that I need to throw a lot more money into it, plus with mechanical movement I'd have to wear the watch everyday. And I don't think I'll wear a watch everyday, lol.

    I'd like opinions on which watch you guys would pick for yourself and why.

  2. These are the watches in question. Which one do you think looks nicer?
    Longines.jpg 179174_jubileediamond.jpg
  3. if i was in your situation, i'd choose the rolex. i like it as it looks more simple, classic, and discreet.
  4. Rolex. I have 1 too and they are simply classic!
  5. Out of the two options I'd pick the Rolex. It's more timeless, excuse the pun;) I don't particularly like blingy watches. To me a watch is a watch, lol! But I can understand that to many a watch also doubles as a piece of jewelry. So, it's up to you. Don't worry about what your bf says. If you love the femininity and the sparklies, then the Dolce Vita is for you, now. Yes, in the future you might want to go for a Rolex but from your post I feel like you're more inclined towards the Longines atm.

    Regarding the mechanical movement of the Rolex, it's not really an issue coz you just need a watch winder. I have an Orbita one which does a fab job. The watch winder will cost you some more $$ but that's just a one-off outlay.
  6. Wearing a Rolex is the ultimate cliche! Not to mention that every watchmaker from Timex on up copies it. "Wasting money on Longines?" He's got to be kidding!!! Longines has been around close to TWO HUNDRED YEARS and respected all over the world. You won't see a Rolex banner at the Olympics because Longines has had the market on timing Olympic events (and other sporting events) for ages.

    As usual, I'm the dissenting opinion, but I'd be all over that Longines. Among other things, it's so incredibly feminine. Rolex for women is just a shrunken version of the men's line. Yawn.
  7. definitely a rolex. it may not have a lot of bling but it will last you a lifetime.
  8. The Rolex for sure. I have a gold/stainless one that I wear every day!
  9. how much is that rolex? i like it alot...i think its def more classic
  10. :smile: Rolex, the one my mom has is gorgeous too!
  11. I was quoted about 6400-6500 for the Rolex (Canadian funds), but the one I want has Roman Numeral markers. I'm sure the diamond one in the pic is more.
  12. I vote rolex, but what about getting one pre-owned? The price drops dramatically for a pre-owned.
  13. You sound like you want the Longines more. If that's the case, get it. Don't worry about what you're boyfriend says. He doesn't have to wear it everyday. Granted, if it were me, I'd get the Rolex. However, I have always wanted a Rolex.
  14. ^ I have to agree that you seem to love the Longines more. I think you should get that. I would get Longines because I buy watches for the face, I’m a shallow person who wouldn’t buy anything if I don’t like the outer aesthetics :lol:! I mean if you buy the Rolex and don’t like it as much then you are not going to wear it as much.

    As for the justification to your bf, tell him Rolex is not the ultimate watch. If he wants the ultimate watch go for Patek, A.Lange, F.P. Journe, etc. I have no argument against Rolex being very, very accurate (no doubt otherwise it would not be a certified chronometer), especially at the price range but if you ever open up the back the movement is what watch-crazy people call ‘utilitarian.’
  15. Based on looks, I would go with the Longines. You have to go with what you love. I was handed down a Longines from my mom, and I plan to hand it down to my daughter. The watch is 40 yrs old and looks great! Doesn't have the bling like yours, but it's sentimental!