Longines Dolce Vita

  1. Im going to New York and Hawaii in late Nov/ December this year (l'm so excited as this will be the first time to the US! :yahoo:) and Im after this watch. Im not sure if it would be cheaper to get it in Australia or the US.

    Does anyone have an idea of the approximation of this watch. The RRP of the watch is $AU1895 ($US1510) but I think it can be brought down to aboout $AU1300/1400 ($US1040/1150).

    What places in NY/Hawaii would you recommend I go to? Im only going to be in Hawaii for 4 days and 7 days in NY, so shopping around for the best price maybe a little restricting (we're going to try and fit all the touristy things).


    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I'm not sure about US prices, but in 2000, I bought my Longines from a wonderful store called Monards in Pitt St. They were substantially cheaper than every other jewellers, and much more knowledgeable and helpful.
    Do check them out!!
  3. Beautiful watch!
  4. Thanks Bern. I'll have to check it out sometime.

    It is a gorgeous watch.

    Does anyone know the US pricing by any chance?
  5. I have a la dolce vita but I think it's a different one because the price is different. However we managed to get 20% off the original price but I think it could be possible to get 30% depending if you went elsewhere.

    Come to think of it, are you sure that the price is correct? ($AU1895). Mine only has the diamonds on the side and it was AU$3200. I always thought the $1895 one was without diamonds.
  6. I think the one that is $AU1895 is the one with diamonds only on the face of the watch.

    The one with diamonds on the sides AND the face costs way more.

    I want the one in your picture too! :biggrin:
  7. I got my dolce vita 2 days ago from the Macy's Friends/Family sale which is 20%, plus if you apply their credit card, you get extra 15% off. Mine is exactly the same as your picture link, except it is a white mother of peal instead of pink. F&F happens twice a year, in May and Nov.
  8. I have the same design except sans-diamond on the face. Purchased in 5 years ago in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur around $1700 minors 20% off the retail price. I believe the price differs in places, and in KL we normally get 10-20% off frm the retail price. ( from a reputable boutique)

    Nice watch, only changed the battery once.... but yours is really sweet with the pink MOP!

    Good luck and do update us when you get her!