Longevity of LV mono wallets

  1. I have a koala wallet that's about a year and a half old, and it's peeling along the gloss on the sides and the little threads/strings are showing :sad:. Is my wallet going to fall apart soon? How long are they *meant* to last? I treat it well - none of my bags have this problem - but my SO's wallet did this, and so did my first koala that I got when it first came out. I brought it back to LV after owning it for about 6 months, this same thing had happened - peeling of the glazing on the side to the point where threads were showing - they told me it was a "defect" - yet this koala is doing the same thing - and my SO's also did the same thing (after a year we replaced his damier wallet with a gucci leather one, which still looks like new, BTW). So what's the verdict? I just hate that it's a $600.00 wallet and it has threads showing :hrmm:

    I tried to take a pic with my macbook camera - it's a bit blurry - but you can see the threads. Bottom left corner of the piece:
  2. O no thats not good. I've had a Ludlow for 3 years now and its still in great shape and looks the same as when I bought it.
  3. Eek..I'd take it back in.
    I haven't had a Koala but I do have the Vernis Ludlow, Mono Billfold, a couple of PTIs and Pochette wallets from various lines and the Groom Compact Zippe and those have all fared well. I've been using my Groom Pochette Wallet for quite awhile now and haven't had a problem with peeling or chipping.
  4. Sorry to hear that! I have 2 mono wallets that still look good as new, several years later. Yours should hold up better than that!
  5. I have a compact zip that is over a year old and looks like brand new!
  6. Take it to LV right away! Don't wait cause it will just get worse! They will either repair it for you or replace it! If it gets too bad though, they won't do either.
  7. You should take it to a boutique so that they can look it over. That should not happen. GoodLVck!
  8. sorry about your wallet...i've always raved about the quality of lv, wallets especially. my epi and mono have held up really well, luckily
  9. I never owned LV wallets but my Bosca held up for 10 years and even now no threads coming out. LV is supposed to be even more durable since it's not leather, that is strange.
  10. I would take it bake.
  11. I have an epi agenda/wallet that I've been (ab)using constantly since I got it 2 years ago. It still looks perfect. take your's back.:tdown:
  12. oh my gosh!
    I have had my Damier Koala for the same amount of time and it looks as good as new.
    bring that back.
  13. I have the zippy wallet and it still looks brand new.
  14. Something is wrong with the wallet if you did use it properly. I would bring it to the store as soon as possible.
  15. Funny enough, I was just in the store today and they warned me about that. However, the Toronto SA told me that if you bring it back within 2 yrs of purchasing it, they'll touch it up for free! So you might want to head in before the 2 yrs is up!:tup: (Although, I'm sorry that it's not holding up as well as we would hope...:crybaby:)