Longevity of Lambskin Classic Flap


May 19, 2009
Hi guys,
I know that there have been a lot of threads regarding what is better - either lambskin or caviar leather, but i was hoping some of you who own a classic flap in either of these leathers would mind sharing your experiences of them?

For example what leather is your bag, how long have you had the bag for, how much you have used it and how well it has held up over time. Pics would also be great too!
Thanks! :biggrin:


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Feb 13, 2007
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I only have one lambskin flap from 1995 and the rest are caviar, patent, and two fabrics. My lambskin is still is pristine condition because I've only used it like 4 times. Personally, I find it delicate and scratches easily but the fine scratches were easily removed by slight circular rubbing using my index finger. Extra care is taken for each use so therefore, I seldom use it. Caviar, on the other hand, is tough and I don't have to constantly baby it to death. I'm too lazy to take pictures.


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Jun 3, 2008
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I collect vintage Chanels and they're all lambskin and really beautiful even with years of age. Lambskin is more delicate than caviar but it so lovely and if you are not rough on your bags they should be fine. If you get a light scratch on lambskin you can just rub it out with your finger and it's good as new.
Hi Lau-Lau,

I have to say I prefer the caviar leather over the lambskin. I have a classic flap in black lamb and I have only worn it about four times. It got a huge scratch on the back and I have no idea how it happened. I always feel like I have to over-baby it when I carry it, so after five years, it just sits in the closet. I also have a light beige reissue in distressed lamb. The color transfer it gets is really annoying and very difficult to clean because of the fragile nature of the lambskin. My caviar bags can take any type of beating and still look brand new. My beige caviar is really easy to keep clean and looks better than the lamb even though it is six years older. Hope this helps :smile:


May 19, 2009
Thank you for all of your replies! Buying my first Chanel will be a really big investment piece and i want it to last forever!! However much i love the lambskin it looks to me as though the caviar is the best direction for me to go as it would be an everyday bag too. Thank you again :biggrin: xx


Dec 18, 2009
Manchester, UK
Hey Lau-Lau. Whilst it sounds like you may have already decided, I thought I would share my experience. My most often used Chanel is a classic flap lamb. Granted I dont use it every day, as its too small for that (medium) but I used it out on the town and usually when I'm not so careful after a drink or too (if you follow;)). Anyhoo, I've had it about 3 years and it still looks new. I personally dont think the lamb marks as much as ppl make out. I would go for what you really love the look of as you'll probably ending up eventually going for that anyway. HTH!


Jan 28, 2007
between the caviar and lambskin - the lambskin is definitely more prone to visible slight scratches when placed against the light - it can be easily removed like what others have said, to rub in a gentle circular rotation.

however i think every girl should have a lambskin item from the chanel collection. its just not the same if you don't.


Jan 7, 2008
lambskin is one that you can not miss in your collection even merely one or 2 uses of a life time :P


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May 18, 2008
Little Rhody
I have a caviar from 2001.. I don't carry it as often as I used to, but it still looks brand new.. I actually got a compliment on it the other day.. girl said "I love your vintage Chanel".. less than 10 years old and it's already vintage? :shrugs:


Jan 3, 2007
Los Angeles California
I have lambskin bags from the 80s and I carry one of them weekly. Once a quarter, I condition each bag.

None of the bags are pristine -- as in they don't like as if they haven't been carried -- but they are in very good-to-excellent condition. If the bags start looking beaten up, then I'll take them for a spa treatment.


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Jan 26, 2007
I hate to tell you, but I bought a pink lambskin jumbo about a year ago and it's in need of re-dyeing or a good professional cleaning. The leather feels buttery soft but absolutely everything colour-transferred onto it... I probably used it a handful of times. I have a vintage lambskin jumbo XL that looks great but the texture of that lambskin is more like modern-day calfskin or buffalo leather, not as soft but definitely durable. I can't bring myself to like the caviar leather though!
Nov 16, 2009
Lau-Lau... congrats on finally getting your first CHANEL! I have the medium classic double flap in caviar with g/h... I haven't gotten any scratches on it and in fact it looks like I just got it today! I have only worn it a handful of times though and I tend to baby it. I would baby any of my Chanels... they're just so precious!

I have to admit though, if money were no object, I would go for a lambskin w/ s/h. My brother's gf carried one the last time she was here and Oh My Goodness~~~ it was so gorgeous.... It's the perfect combination... the buttery soft leather gleams and looks so luxurious and the silver h/w adds to it's glam.

I'm happy with my caviar though with g/h... it's also very luxurious... and I know it will last much much much longer than any lambskin.


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May 27, 2007
I strongly recommend caviar. But if you HAVE to have lambskin, go for black or the darker colours.


Sep 29, 2009
I love lambskin! The leather is soft and luscious. I used to have lighter colors but eventually sold it. I only stick with darker colors if it's lambskin.