Longevity of Azur SLGs

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  1. Hi everyone!

    At the moment all of my SLGs are mono - I love how I don't have to worry about them. I also have a vernis agenda in Pomme ️ which I am incredibly careful with - it's annoying but the price I pay to see that gorgeous colour.

    I am now considering an Azur key holder. Can you please tell me your experiences of owning DA SLGs?

    Thank you
  2. Obviously, Azur is very light so you have to be more careful with potential color transfer and other stains. SLGs are manipulated often so they get dirty easily and it shows on a DA piece. Finally, like DE, the DA print rubs off on the corners over time. Just something to keep in mind.

    Despite all of this, DA is a wonderful and very chic option in my opinion.
  3. I agree DA is very chic but I am very concerned about long-term wear for this piece in particlar. If I go ahead I will be hot stamping my new baby's initials inside (baby is due in a couple of weeks) so I want it to be something I can use for many years.

    What are your experiences with the DG canvas? I'm reluctant to get another mono SLG and DG could be an interesting option.
  4. It sounds like you are very worried about DA, so I suggest you pass.
    DG is very long lasting because the canvas is dark etc. Personally, I don't care for its look, which I find too dull. But it's very popular and many love it.
  5. I've had my azur zippy wallet for 9 years now (or 8...)
    while I haven't used it for all of this time, I did use it a LOT, and now a LOT again since I got my mon mono wallet stolen and I don't like my new hermes wallet as much as I thought I would

    the azur wallet looks perfect, except for the zipper.... it's dirty. I can wipe the canvas with baby wipes and it comes out as good as new but the zipper is dirty and I haven't tried washing it.

    I assume the mono wallet gets just as dirty, you just cannot see it. HTH
  6. I have both the 6 key holder & cles in DA. My cles has some serious wear and tear (rubbing corners, darkened zipper), I only use it seasonally and it's worn a lot more than I would have expected. My key holder isn't something that gets used daily, I quickly found I preferred the cles more so I ended up putting extra keys in the key holder and just kept it in my bag. I have minor color transfer on the corners, only noticeable if you look closely (pinkish from the inside of my DE bags). There has not been any fading of the colors though. Of the two, I'd say the key holder holds up better. My suggestion would be to find a DA item that doesn't have the colored zipper exposed, or if one does that it's covered (like in the Sarah wallet), this may keep the lighter zipper from making the piece look worn quickly.
  7. I'd suggest a vernis piece, they hold up well and are beautiful.
  8. I'd LOVE a vernis key holder but I really want something which I can heat stamp
  9. I purchased a DA Zippy wallet on the secondary market. It was a limited edition from years back so I didn't expect it to be perfect, but as others have said, the white around the zipper was dark on all corners. Noticeably dark. Then on top of that, the light color of DA had yellowed. I guess it had been exposed to the sun a lot.

    I finally sold it. I just couldn't deal with its condition. I take great care with my handbags & SLG's and this one just didn't hold up to my standards. I would not put my initials on a DA item so that you could resell it if need be in the future. JMHO. HTH!
  10. Thank you for your feedback. Looks like DA would be a bad choice for me given that I want this piece to last years (for sentimental reasons). I know you have a great collection - do you have anything in DG?
  11. I don't. I don't have any Monogram or DA or DG. Only leathers like Epi, Taurillon or Veau Cachemire. I like the colorful Emprientes or Vernis handbags & SLG's too at this point.
  12. You can get vernis pieces hot stamped, unless something has changed.
  13. Really??? It's definitely not an option online. I'll call customer services on Monday
  14. Yes actually!
  15. I love azur but as others have posted, it may tend to get yellowish over time if you use it daily. You'll also see the marks from your keys on the inside after a while. It's not as bad with mono or DE due to the darker color.