Longest time you kept a bag and the did a return?

  1. hi,
    I have a bag I purchased in October, didn't really use it, well, maybe once or twice, it is till in great shape.

    I am going to try the return. I got it on eLux but want to bring it to a LVboutique.

    Anyone have any advice on how they have handled a return 6 mo later?
  2. If its been used once or twice... doesnt that mean its second hand (even if it is brand new)? I think 6 months maybe too long for LV to accept it.

    The longest I had a bag and returned it was one week - it was the Azur Speedy
  3. Since it was from eLux, I think the longest time you've for the return is 60 days. And if the bag seems to be used, I think they're unable to accepted.

    Plus, I don't think it's fair for people who really want the bag, then buy it (with or without knowing that it's already been used). Don't you think so?

    Another option is try to sell it on eBay or other consignment store, if your bag is in prestine condition; the price will be high.

    :shrugs: Just my 2 cents.
  4. the policy for the boutiques is that it has to be within 14 days and in saleable condition. i'm not sure how elux handles returns.
  5. If you used it, don't return it, that's just not right, no matter what the time frame.
  6. ITA! Please don't return a bag you have carried 'once or twice'. Not fair to the next buyer. Be aware that the boutique will carefully inspect the bag (especially if you have owned it for 6 months) for ANY signs of use before accepting the bag for return.

    The return policy for new UNUSED bags is 14 days at the boutiques, 60 days at eLux.
  7. i agree.
  8. Please do think for the next person who's going to buy it.

    What will you feel if you realised that you have gotten a second hand bag and paid a full price for it?
  9. ok, you're all right on this.
    Since the bag is in pristine condition, it will fetch a higher price, thanks.
  10. umm..I dont think the LV will accepted for 6 month old..because thats kinda of long!!
  11. why have you return the speedy?
  12. I have returned a bag after a month at my local store as I received one the same as a gift.

    My SA is fab and I buy at least 1 item a month so he was fine with it and I actually just exchanged for another but I would not have the nerve to return a used item unless it was faulty.
  13. Because I was worried about keeping it clean so I exchanged it for the Damier instead. It sat in the box for a week because I was so paranoid about getting it dirty.
  14. Why dont you try selling it on eBay?
  15. it crossed my mind to return so I asked here.
    But you are all correct, I am sure I will find some use for it.

    it is the damier ipanema pm, so it has a long strap and i can wear it in the city when i have my dog.

    I had purchased it for my Mom , but then she decided she wanted the pouchette with strap . . . it is a long story.
    Anyway I shall be keeping and using the bag - thanks all!