longest time saving for purchase?

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  1. I've read that many of you go on bans to catch up on bills or to save for next thing on wishlist. What is the longest time you saved before taking the plunge?:idea: IMO I like to save for a large portion, charge the balance, and then pay out while you have the item. If you put down a nice amount, it will keep payments lower. Giving up stuff (manicures, shoes, take-out food) for several months really helps!
  2. 18 months.
  3. At the midway point of December 2009, I hope to get my Tiffany Swing Ring w/ Sapphires for my 20th anniversary. We (me, but you know how it goes after so many years) started saving for it this past July.
    It's slow going, but we are also saving for a trip to Alaska next year! :smile:
  4. 6 - 12 months :smile: .. I'm now saving up for a pair of VCA earrings for Dec.. Hopefully i can have a little reveal by then :cloud9:
  5. I know the feeling :smile:
  6. probably a few months. i'm dreaming of a 3k tiffany's atlas ring. i have to save up for my home and mini cooper...soo....i guess i'll have to wait till next year to get it. it doesn't bother me that i don't get manicures as often anymore (i like the job that i do for myself better though once in a blue moon spa is such a treat!) and i try to not go out to eat that often because i dont' feel like it's that healthy for me anyways.