Longest Time Carrying A Bbag?

  1. What's the longest you've ever carried a Bbag? I'm asking you ladies this question as I have started to feel weird. I've been carrying a Cognac City ever since my husband bought it for me last November for my birthday. Even if I change to a different bag, that only lasts for 24-48 hours! So what I need to know is, how weird am I, ladies?
  2. Sorry, not understanding. Are you asking how long before we sell it and move on or how many days in sussession? I have never gone more than a week without rotating the bag, until my new obsession with my jaune. This one I have carried for about 3 weeks without changing, and was just thinking that I will rotate this weekend.
  3. time will tell, I got mine yesterday and I'm taking it out in a few hours :roflmfao:
  4. Oh sorry for confusion! I meant, 'How long carrying a Bbag before switching to a different bag?' My brain is fried as I've been babysitting a sick dog all afternoon!
  5. I carry the same day bag for months at a time. I may grab a different smaller bag for an evening out, but other than that I don't switch it up as often as I should. I suppose that I get something new and I am just so in love with it that I want to look at it all of the time, so I carry it for months on end!:love:
  6. Don't apologize! I am sure it is just me that is confused. I've had too many late nights and not enough sleep. :yes: Seems I guessed right anyway!
  7. Sorry to hear about the pup :sad: I can totally relate to late nights caring for dogs :yes: Hope he/she gets better soon :flowers:

    As for rotating bags, I swap my stuff to a new one almost every day!! :p

  8. i carry the same for a long time... only if I need a smaller bag for evening will I change.
  9. I'm feeling slightly better now, as I may not be the only one to carry a Bbag for months. Thanks for good wishes re the dog. He goes to vet soon. Fingers crossed!
  10. I change my bags as & well I feel like it. Some weeks I change my bags everyday. But since Bbags, I've been using the same bags for stretches of a week or so before I change them.
  11. whenever i get a new bbag i use it for like 1-2 months without switching :p my black city was the only bbag i brought home w/me for christmas, so i used it for 2 months - i just switched it out once for new years when i used my gray ac mini tote.

    but now i havent had a new bbag for a couple months i dont feel the need to carry one bag for a long time. i just wear whatever bag goes with my outfit - but i will say i have been into carry my light first bbag as of late. i want another first! quickly before it's over $1000! :p
  12. Nothing wrong with sticking to your Bbag :p I actually have to work hard to find occasions to carry it... (I can't carry to class b/c it's not made for books, laptop, etc)
  13. Not wierd at all Heather, I carry one of two Firsts pretty much all the time and only a City when away on a gig when I need more room..I went to the UPS Store this week and the owner didn't even make eye-contact, she just said "I knew it was you by the bag."
  14. haha, my friend makes fun of me because i literally have carried my black twiggy since i got it last august! i also have a black first that i love to death, and plan on wearing that more in the summer (and i use it more at night), but i can't seem to carry any of my other bags, no matter how cute they are. my bbags are it for me!
  15. I go back and forth - sometimes I'll change daily depending on the outfit but often I'll carry the same bag for weeks especially if it's a neutral color.