longest auction EVER! ('05 Authentic Rouge Day Balenciaga Bag)

  1. This isn't the first time this bag is listed, so maybe the seller just wanted to make sure that enough people see it so there is a higher chance of her selling it. You could always get in touch with the seller and see if she'll add a BIN. Good luck!
  2. Send the seller an e-mail making an offer! No one else has bid, so that's totally fair.
  3. MSflutter Good luck. Beautiful colour in a beautiful style.

    I hope you get it:yes:
  4. I wash shocked this didn't sell the first time around. Someone coulda had it for $750:wtf: . Glad to know it's getting some attention now because it's divine!
  5. This has actually been listed more than once without any bites! The first time around I almost got it, but then started reading stories about customs :wtf: I just didn't want to risk it. It's sooooo beautiful though!
  6. i sent her an email...no response :crybaby: guess i will have to try bidding!
  7. Good luck msflutter!! What a beauty!