Longer straps on the new Heloise??

  1. I found these pictures of the new heloise on Bergdorf's site. The colors are prune (reddish purple) and Or (gold). The tan heloise picture is from last fall. The straps look longer. What do you all think of the new Heloise? I like the colors!!:tup:
    BGV059R_mn.jpg BGV059S_mn.jpg BGV02UZ_mn.jpg
  2. I like the old color but the new straps!
  3. Hummm a little tweeking wow? I'd love to test drive one of these new models!!
  4. I like the colors, but something about the older one looks better. I don't
    like the longer straps either. when the straps are to long it doesn't look right when you carry the bag in fold of the arm, imo.
  5. Agree, like the older version, but do love that prune color. Heck, I like em all!!
  6. Interesting, it almost looks "stretched out" since the older bag looks fuller at the bottom.