longer strap for a balenciaga bag??

  1. I have two balenciaga work bags and am thinking of getting a white canvas/black leather balenciaga bag that is about 38cm long. the balenciaga "shop" in vienna mailed me and said they are in....
    now my question: can you get longer straps for your b-bags? and if so...how much do they retail for?? any pics?

    thanks for the info guys
  2. I asked the same question to a representative at BalNY. They said there is only one size strap. No longer straps are available on current bags.
  3. no longer strap avail.
    the only b-bags with longer strap are the old classiques from '01 or '02 i guess?
  4. ^ and 03! my s/s 03 first had a longer shoulder strap.
  5. The Courier, XL Courier and Messenger bags have long straps that can be adjusted to carry on the shoulder or across the chest.

    I find that I can fit the Weekender/Work on my shoulder, provided that I'm not wearing any type of bulky outerwear (e.g., sweater, coat, etc.).
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