Longer Replacement Straps


Jul 19, 2011
I am quite tall and some of my LV bags that work as shoulder bags for some people, don't quite work that way for me. For example, I love my Montorgueil GM, but the strap drop is about 1 inch too short to be comfortable on my shoulder.

I know LV will replace straps for customers, but do they offer custom-size replacements? Will LV give me longer straps if I ask (and pay, of course). I so love my Monty GM and would carry it more often if those darn straps were just a smidgen longer.
Feb 26, 2008
I was wondering this as well! I'm 5'10" and am trying to decide between the speedy b 25, odeon and bloomsbury. I tried them in store the other day and I was worried the speedy b 25 wouldn't be long enough cross body which is how I want to wear it. It was just about ok over a tshirt but wouldn't be over a winter coat. The others were better I think. I'll be interested to hear what you find out.