Longer posts for earclips

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    For those of you who had their Vintage Alhambra earring posts replaced with longer posts, are they comfortable? If you were to get another pair of clip earrings, would you request to have longer posts again?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mine are fine but you can certainly request longer posts.
  3. Yes and yes. My earlobes are fleshy so it helps to have longer posts. Makes putting on the earclips easier for me.
  4. Also you can request from VCA to provide you with ear cushioning.
    They make the earclips comfortable to wear.
  5. For me, I prefer longer posts as I feel they are more secure.

    My ear lobes are on the thinner side though.

    My SA offered ear cushions or rubber / silicone nubs like what 00sara00 mentioned, that can be placed at the gap of the clip backs if I did not want to lengthen but can lengthen the posts free of charge within 1 month if I still want to.

    Perhaps u can try out with the ear cushions and if u still don't feel comfortable, u can opt to lengthen them.
  6. I always have to request longer posts. They are more comfortable and secure.
  7. You can also ask for the posts to be soldered into place. The posts are screwed in and do come loose from time to time and you will risk loosing the earring. If yours are not soldered check them occasionally to make sure they are tight. I almost lost a Frivole earring a few years ago because it became loose and just fell off the earring. Since then all my VCA earrings with posts are soldered.
  8. #8 Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I think I'll request for longer post since it sounds like the length of the longer posts don't seem to bother any of you.
    I had a bad experience, too! I almost lost my earrings after owning them for less than a month. Luckily, after almost 2 hrs of search, I finally found it. I was told that one of the spring for one of the earrings was broken when I bought in store for repair. However, even after repair it still fell off couple times. It is actually the clip that came loose. Or maybe it is too short that it fall off. So, I have been very careful since there.
    Unfortunately, the closest boutique to where I live is couple hours of drive. So, it is kinda a pain for me if I have to go back and get it length.
    00Sara00 and Valsnw: Would you happen to have a picture of the ear cushions or rubber / silicone nubs that you are talking about?
    kimber418: I'm not quite sure what you meant by soldered. Here is a pic of my earrings. Is it soldered?
    Thank you all for your help.

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  9. Here's a photo of it. With the clip back close and the other open. The posts in the photo have been lengthened.

    The nub or cushion will have a hole for the post to go in. I find it works better with the original unlengthened post. If the post is lengthened and u put in the cushion, I find it won't be as snug for me since I have thinner earlobes.

    Kimber418 brought up a good point about soldering the posts permanently. You could ask your SA to request for that.

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  10. Would you mind measuring how long is the lengthened post ? TIA
  11. Unless you were told they were soldered or you had VCA do it after buying them I am pretty sure the posts are screwed in. You can just check them from time to time to make sure they are tight or you can have VCA solder them when you purchase or anytime after.
  12. Does it mean that if I have it soldered, I can't not change it to non-pierced (or no posts) ear clips?
    Thanks again.
  13. I would imagine it would be hard to switch back to ear clips w/o posts. You probably have to decide. In that case just make sure the posts are tight from time to time.
  14. Got it. Thanks so much for your advice.
  15. Hi NewBe, I measured, it's 1cm.