Longer Kelly 32cm strap?

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  1. Hi.

    I'm 5ft flat and on a larger built. I find the long strap of the kelly not long enough for me to carry it cross body. Are there any other ways to make them longer? Twillies? Charms?

  2. Try using the Olga charm to extend
  3. You can order a strap at Hermes that is made to fit your body size. It will take awhile but it's so worth it. I had one made for a bag and it's made all the difference. You'll have to leave your current strap with them so that they can reuse the hardware.
  4. Use the Berloque or Olga charm. It's such a cute way to extend the strap.
  5. Is it strong enough?
  6. Using breloque charm or olga charm is such a great idea and i think it will look super cute. I never think of this. This is such a great idea :graucho:
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! :smile:

    Same Q with MrsRance, will the breloque charm be strong enough to hold up the bag with it's content?
  8. The breloque or olga charm is strong enough for a 25 Kelly or a not-so-loaded 28. For anything bigger/ heavier, use the sturdier mors scarf ring as an extension or order a longer canvas strap instead. ;)
  9. Thank you so much licencetocook :flowers: sadly in my city Hermes store stop taking order for canvas strap :girlsigh:
  10. It depends on what you pack in the Kelly. It's fine with a wallet, keys, small make up pouch, and phone :smile:.
  11. Hello! I used my olga charm to extend my 32 kelly so I can use it cross body during my winter vacation for 5 days straight. It held up really well. No worries!!
  12. How about order the evelyn strap? How much is it?
  13. It seems from my experience and reading of others as well that trying to order a strap is a waste of time. The interesting thing is, but this does not help you, at the time I chose the color scheme for the SO kelly, I was asked if I wanted a different length strap.

    My guess is H is focused on production of purses, etc. that orders for straps is not a high priority or a priority at all.
  14. I have ordered straps. Just takes a bit, but hey, you are using it forever.
  15. I just placed an order for one, last week, and it takes atleast a year's wait. I ordered a adjustable one in canvas. Not sure about the waiting time and details for a longer leather one. So will have to wait and see...
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