Longer handles for Speedy?

  1. This weekend, I went to Anthropologie to get some Christmas gifts...while I was there, I swear I must have seen at least 10 women with Speedies, all different sizes...including me, it was pretty funny. My husband said, "Do you need to have a LV to enter this place?"

    Anyway, I saw a woman with a Speedy 30 and had a long strap on hers, she was wearing it over her shoulder and it went down to her hip. It looked really nice. I looked online to find the strap, but can't find it. Does anyone know what i'm talking about? If you have one, can you please tell me where you got it and how much it costs? I'd love pics too if you have 'em!
  2. Was it a monogram strap? I know they made a monogram strap for the Alma and Speedy to wear on your shoulder. I'm not sure if it's discontinued or not. Try looking on vuitton.com or eluxury or call the 866-vuitton number and ask them. Good luck!!
  3. I think she use the Keepall strap. One of the member has a post about using her Keepall strap for speedy. But i'm not sure if it's the same one you're talking about.
  4. It was a plain leather strap. Heck, maybe it wasn't even LV, but it looked great and comfy!

    I saw my sister today and she has a Trouville and she had a new strap on it to go over her shoulder. I was asking her where she got it and how much...it ended up it was a belt from H&M LOL. So maybe the woman could have concocted something up like my sister.
  5. I used to own the speedy straps. They made one in mono and one in vachetta. Call 866 and see if they're still available.
  6. i use the vachetta long strap for my speedies ;)
  7. I just looked on louisvuitton.com and under Luggage there is a monogram strap for 155.00. I didn't notice if it was available to purchase from the site, or if you have to call 866. I have it for my mono speedies.