Longer Handled Saleya MM???

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  1. Is the Saleya MM with the longer handle available yet?
  2. Yes, I bought mine in Late Feb/ early March. It was the first one my boutique had received, but there should be plenty more now. I posted a pic of it in your other thread about the smaller bags fitting inside it.

  3. thanks!
  4. So I'm still a little confused - are the handles the same length now on the Azur and Ebony Saleya MM's? On the LV website the Ebony still looks shorter.
  5. Yes, the Azur and the Ebony Damier Saleya MM's handles are now the same length -- and they are absolutely, positively LONGER than the original ebony damier Saleya MM handles.

    Just so you know, LV didn't make this known to all SA's or customer service reps because when I noticed in January that the Azur's handles were longer than the Ebony Damier's (I got mine in December), and when I called 866-VUITTON to ask about this I was told that the new ebony Saleya MM's were going to made with the longer handles from now on and maybe I could try having my handles replaced (for the cost of a repair, of course). But, when I called the store to see how much it would cost, they told me that the handles were absolutely not going to be made longer and the 866 rep didn't know what she were talking about, so since they were not going to be made longer, then my handles couldn't be replaced because it would be "different" than the original model (I hope I am making sense!).

    Then, soon after, lovely Texas Girl actually SAW the new Saleya MM's with the new, longer handles in her local store. So, with that info, I tried to have mine replaced again and my LV still denied that the handles were being made longer and the Saleya MM's were out of stock at that time so I had no proof.

    At that point, I gave up on the whole replacement idea. This was a couple of months ago.

    BUT, when I was in my very same store last week, I saw a Saleya on display and the handles were noticeably longer. I asked my SA if I could see one and he brought it to me and we compared handles. AND GUESS WHAT, THEY WERE LONGER!!! And my SA said, "Wow, what a difference! I had no idea that they changed the handles. We weren't told about this." He had me try both of them on and definitely agreed that the new handles were a more preferable length and "hung" on the shoulder better.

    As for the eluxury photos -- they usually use original photos or prototypes on the site so what you see on the page is not always what you will receive. I believe the Manhattan PM still has two different purses with spacing differences between the pockets. They are both authentic of course, but one is a newer version.
  6. Thanks! That explains that! It's actually the LV website that hasn't been updated. So I'm thinking of getting the Saleya MM ebony and a matching Musette Tango long straps and I'll use both for travel. I wouldn't usually use such a big purse as the Salaya on a daily basis. My other possible combo is Cabas Mezzo plus the Mono Musette Tango. Still mulling it over.