Longer, Fuller eyelashes please!

  1. I have pretty short, thin eyelashes. Are there any ways besides mascara, fake lashes, lash extensions, etc. to make them longer? Basically, I would like to find a NATURAL way to lengthen my lashes.

    Help would be much appreciated ladies!

    (Does petroleum jelly REALLY make lashes thicker?)

  2. try ardell lash and brow accelerator :smile:

    available at drugstores
  3. I think you can try eyelash transplant. I've heard some people really got good results from the surgery. The only catch is since the donor hair comes from your head, so it can go really long, as long as your hair on your head, so you have to trim your lashes every so often.
  4. ^^ wow, never heard of that better. interesting but wayyyy scary!!
  5. woah, where did you hear about that?
  6. whatever you do, do not try rogaine. I read that rogaine can be used in dabs for other areas you are looking to increase hair. unfortunately a bad side effect is that you also develop hair where you definately don't want it
  7. i read some reviews on the ardell lash growth accelerator. most people have seen good results although some haven't. so i'm not sure who to believe :confused1:

    also, the cheap price makes me hesitate. $3.99? are you serious?
    well, if anybody on tPF has a success story i would love to hear it! i think i may just have to go to ULTA and purchase this.
  8. I didn't know about a transplant either - interesting!
  9. The transplant is about $3000 per eye. It's expensive but is it worth it to you. Eyelash extensions are high maintenance imo. They fell out in less than a month plus they bothered my eyes. Then they would go in all different directions. I had them done though everyone told me I didn't need them. Now I just use a good mascara and base coat. Here is an article about implants. http://www.eyelash-transplant.com/
  10. Ew i don't know what to say about that eyelash transplant :wtf: The After pics don't look much better then the before . i think they have natural stuff at drug stores try something like that first and then have a look at the other options , Hope you find something that works for you!
  11. I wouldn't think the eyelash transplant would work that well. The hair on your head is less course than your eyelashes so it would be so much finer than you would truly want and the direction would not be correct. there would be no natural C shape to them. Plus you have to cut them all the time. That's just weird to me.

    I do offer eyelash extension services in the salon but like someone else said they're a ton of maintainence. I don't even understand how my clients put up with them. When I have them installed.....I just pick at them until they're all off!!! But I'll take the cash I make putting them on others!!
  12. I've used it for 3 months! It's doing a great job on my lashes, especially lower one ( longer and fuller). Plus, it's so cheap for a great product :yes: !
  13. i purchased some at ULTA today. excited to try it! i hope it works on me..
  14. good luck i hope it works!!