Longer exchange exceptions ever happen?

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  1. Hello everyone! I know LV has a strict exchange policy for good reason. I bought a Curieuse wallet in Earth and Compact Curieuse in black right before the price increase? I have carried the compact nonstop and love it! I have not even taken the full size wallet out of the box. I would love to exchange for the compact size in Earth. I have a fantastic relationship with my sales associate and will be seeing her in a couple weeks when I go out of state. Would it be crazy to even ask her if there would could be a possibility to exchange for the smaller size even though the time has past? I have purchased many items and formed a relationship with her.
  2. I don't ever think it hurts to ask - the worst that can happen is she says "sorry, we cannot take it back", which is the same position that you're in now! But she may say yes. I've returned an item once before past the exchange date (by a week, at most) with no question or hassle. I'm sure it depends on how long you've had it. But try!
  3. My husband bought me a bag as a wedding day gift. He bought it mid July for our mid August wedding. When I received it the bag strap had patina a lot more than the bag trims. Because he bought it in DC and our wedding was in SF, I had to wait to come back to DC to exchange it. I talked to the store manager and she agreed. It was about 45-50 days after the original purchase. There are exceptions, you just have to make a really good case for one.
  4. Thanks Ladies! I'm going to ask :smile: Worst she can say is no.