Longer Balenciaga Straps

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  1. Hello!

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if Balenciaga makes longer straps for their handbags. Basically, I saw a photo on this site that was described as a "first with the longer strap" and I got curious. If this is possible I'd love to get a long strap for a few of my cities :smile:

    Thanks as usual!!

  2. "First with a longer strap" may have been referring to the Flat Brass Firsts, which have a 29" (I believe) strap. First straps are now 18" (again, I believe :P).

    However, i think balny will sell longer straps for about $100. not sure how legit this is - i read it on this forum a couple months ago & have since not read of anyone doing it... sooo :confused1:
  3. interesting! i'll be curious to see if anyone comments about that- I'd totally drop $100 for a longer strap :smile:

  4. that actually sounds like a good idea..to buy a longer strap in the same color..won't be the same as an actual flat brass first..but would be nice to have a longer strap...
  5. I know right? I'm thinking I would get a long black one for my Weekender and PT and a long Sienna for my city. It would give the bags a whole new look/function! Sigh. A girl can dream!

  6. Great idea! We have so many great frikken ideas here on tPF, Bal really should look and listen.

    Really. :woohoo:
  7. any ideas if they can get ANY color longer strap or is it just the basic black? =)
  8. Someone said on tPF once that you could get new handles put on if you sent your bag back to BalNY, again another porkie, not true. So as to getting longer straps i think that could well be a no no, but good idea though!
  9. ^yeah, i've never heard of anyone doing it, so i had a feeling it's not true. just cause balny would be bombarded with requests.

    you could always switch straps with another bag - but it would look funny if they werent the same color :P i know b/c i've tried it before & it didnt look good at all! not even in an edgy way lol.

    :confused1: The Weekender is suppose to come with a strap.
  10. i'm not sure about longer straps but an SA in the singapore store definitely said new handles are do-able -- another customer had already sent her city in and got it back. but that being said, i was showing him a black day to get the handles changed so maybe it's easier to get new black handles? i held off on getting new handles until i absolutely had to so haven't gone back yet.

    i'm pretty sure the weekender doesn't have a strap?
  11. I called BalNY a little while back and they said no.

    If anyone tries calling and are successful i'd love to find out!
  12. Opps. It's suppose to say "the weekender ISN'T suppose to come with a strap"

  13. I'm not sure how you'd attach a strap to a Weekender since it doesn't have the rings on the side... I think a Weekender might be too big to carry on the shoulder anyway -- it might look a little clumsy.
  14. ooops.... just read your second post correction! Yes, I definitely didn't get a strap w/ the weekender. But I put my PT strap on the handle latches and was able to carry it this way. Jira is absolutely correct- it looks a bit clumsy but would definitely work for airport travel- haha!

    Thanks for everyone's input- I guess the strap is a no! Oh well!

  15. Great idea with longer straps! Nope, the work does not have straps so you´d need to find a way to put the rings onto the bag too if you wanted to carry it with a strap....might look weird:confused1: but then again I think someone on here posted a pic of her self-made work with a strap:confused1: