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    hi i was wondering if it ws possible to add a longchamp section in the designer part ?

    it would be nce to have some longchamp reveal and talk . :smile:

    Edit: Longchamp now has its own sub-forum!
  2. hi! you can post your reveal here. thank you for sharing!
  3. thanks for your reply but its not only to post my reveal. its to add a longchamp forum ( with the authenticate this longchamp ,longchamp deals , etc...) . anybody else would like to see one too ?
  4. Sadly, Longchamp does not have enough ongoing discussion to warrant a separate sub-forum.
  5. thank you vlad for your explaination :true:, i think you are right .its kinda sad because its a good brand with cute bags and wallets. i guess they are not enough famous. i was surprised they dont even have actual longchamp store in US like i have seen in in france ( i saw they open a store in brazil i hope they will open more stores all over the world in a near future).
    well i hope one day we can see one sub forum about longchamp... :smile:
  6. I would certainly support and post in a Longchamp sub-forum, it's a massively popular brand where I live and I think I've just caught the bug!!! But unfortunately it doesn't seem to have caught on here at tPF yet!!

    Please post your reveal!!!!! I can't find it anywhere else and the suspense is killing me! lol...

    Also, I'm trying to compile a list of where you can buy Longchamp...I know it's available in many of the larger department stores and some one off boutiques around where I live but can anyone confirm where they go for their fix, so to speak!!!

    Thanks LD!!
  7. i had the longchamp bug for a long time too sadly in US longchamp doesnt have actual store so i always order them from the longchamp website . exerpt longchamp website here some bags are very ard to find .
    yes sadly the bug was not caught at tpf but im happy to see i m not the only lonchamp fan here .glad to meet you :smile:

    im so surprised longchamp is an "old brand" , a classic if i may say , they exist since 1948 ( a lot longer than most of the "new brand " like juicy couture or tokidoki") .i have to admit though their bags are not for everyone though, its still classy and very simple , that could be the reason why they are not so popular here .they target a certain age of costumers .

    have you seen " le cabas " ? i m in love with that bag , you can custumise it yourself . longchamp have always great and original idea .

    ps: for those who read those messages and wonder what is lomchamp here is the website :
  8. There have been lots of Longchamp threads lately, I'm just thinking it deserves its own category..? :whistle:
  9. I think there's enough interest, and we definitely have plenty of members with a lot of knowledge of the brand.
  10. Good idea. I think it needs its own category.
  11. I completely agree and been waiting for it to happen.
  12. That would be wonderful!
  13. i used to think, there is not much interest.

    lately, there seems to be many Longchamp threads active in Handbags & Purses. maybe it is now time? :tender:
  14. The brand is growing in popularity. Kate Moss is also taking it up a notch.
  15. I would LOVE a Longchamp subforum!!! I have been more interested in this brand than ever before, and agree that it deserves its own space. I have noticed the high #of threads. :tup:
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