1. I received these two from Longchamp last week.

    One is a Le Pliage in Duck Blue Croco Print. In some light it looks more blue, and in others more teal.

    The one I absolutely adore is the medium Victoire in Burgundy. I LOVE:love: this bag. I'm afraid to carry it for fear I'll mess it up! :shrugs:

    The Croco Print also comes in a greenish-khaki print which is also nice looking, and the Victoire also comes in gray.

    I apologize if the pics are too large. I either get them too large of too small! Hopefully, I can conquer the picture thing soon.
    Burgundy Victoire.JPG Duck Blue Croc Print Le Pliage.JPG
  2. ^^ The red bag is beautiful. Is it leather?
  3. I love that red bag! It is gorgeous.
  4. You can use the LePliage for anything! GYM bag.. summer bag.. school bag.. :smile:
  5. sorry i am not really familiar with LC.. just want to ask if the pony patch a limited edition ???
  6. No, it's not leather. The website says it is a polyester and cotton twill with a metallic coating and trimmed in patent cowhide leather, which I assume is the flap and handles. Amazing how Longchamp could make polyester and cotton look like that!
  7. Thank you. I just enjoy taking it out and looking at it!
  8. I'm also pretty new to LC, but that is Longchamp's logo, and I don't believe that bag is a limited edition. I think it's in their 2012 F/W line. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong about that.
  9. I think you're correct. If I remember it right, it's their Victoire collection for FW2012. One's burgundy, another is like silvery grey.
  10. Is the medium Victoire in Burgundy sturdy? I'm looking for a new bag to keep all my textbooks, yet I it to look fashionable around campus.
  11. Does anyone have deep red ???? Is this a good fall choice??
  12. It appears to be sturdy and well made. I guess it depends on how many books you put in it and their weight. Care and maintenance instructions do caution about not letting it rub against something too much and state that it is prone to color transfer, soooo, also depends on how careful you want to be with a handbag considering what you want it for.

    Hope this helps--and makes sense!
  13. Very nice . I was eyeing for burgundy . It kinda reminds me of LV Verni bag. Great choice!
  14. Thanks for the reply ladies.. i didn't know pony patch comes in diff colors too ..
  15. Patch poney was issued in one color combo only for FW 2011.
    No reissue for this year as far as I know. :smile: