1. I have seen Longchamp totes in department stores and never felt the urge to buy one.

    Then I went to Paris and so many women were using Longchamp totes. So I bought two as they are inexpensive. Now, that I am home I am not really sure about them... I guess I can use them a work bags.

    I suppose there is no real purpose to this thread but to see if there are any Longchamp enthusiasts out there...
  2. I love my Longchamp bags! I had one for school last semester and it is very sturdy. This year I bought a bigger one to hold more stuff. They are great totes for school since they're light, durable, and holds a lot!
  3. Speaking of Longchamp, the boutique here in SF is having a sale...just FYI. Those foldable pliages are great for travel.
  4. I love my tote! I'm in medical school, so it's the perfect size for holding books. The large tote with long handles actually holds more than my old college backpack! I bought the black nylon tote with brown leather handles, so it matches with black and brown clothes. It's also easy to clean and cheap enough to throw around.
  5. One great use for the tote, is you pack it in your suitcase...and then you have a tote if you need it, in addition to your handbag. And, if you buy a lot of stuff -- you have something to put it in.
  6. I'm looking forward to the new Legende bag, which is supposedly coming out in a few days
  7. I tried one on the other day and it didn't do anything for me...I'll probably buy one eventually just for beach trips, but I'm not terribly attracted to them. I can spend a few bucks more and just get a JC daydreamer, which has more detailing. I've noticed they are very useful for carrying your more pricey bag in if it starts to rain, because they fold up pretty easily to fit inside a purse!
  8. I tend to think of Longchamp in the same way that I think of Francesco Basia - great quality, under the radar workhorse bags that represent terrific value for money. I have never owned one, but know that I could . . .if that makes any sense at all!
  9. I agree the Pliage bags are perfect for travel and all of their boutiques in the US are having their semi-annual sale, it started today!
  10. I love my pliage tote! It's lightweight and the perfect size and color for me for travel. Great, practical bag.
  11. I purchased my first Longchamp seven years ago, and I am still a HUGE fan. I've worn out two, but they are so light and easy and durable. I love that they are great for travel and the variety of colors that they come in. I'm sorry that you are not feeling so great about them kymmie. I hope that they grow on you because they are really useful.
  12. I saw light blue Longchamp bags at Off 5Th recently and was surprised to see they are pleather trimmed. I expected a real leather.
  13. Pleather?? Yikes!:wtf: I have never had a Longchamp, but have always been a fan of the style. I would expect for the price range it should be all leather.
  14. The sale is only for the summer colors in Pliage (some of the other lines are also on sale). I was bummed because I went specifically for the taupe color and taupe is among the colors that never go on sale. Well, still I think it's worth it! I did get it along with a cute navy microfiber mini that was on sale. :p
  15. Love Longchamp Le Pliage. It has become my best friend when travelling. Super light weight plus easy to clean--very low maintenance. I did cut up a cardboard for the bottom so it won't sag. The only concern I had was the corners wear out. So, I stitched it from the inside and it looked brand new again. I always bring a couple when travelling.