Longchamp -What's this hole for?

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  1. Hi, can someone please enlighten me on this? I won a large longchamp le pliage bag on ebay and I've found a hole on the leather piece at the of the zipper. Its my first large size so I was wondering if this is normal as my medium and small doesn't have it..

    It doesn't bother me and it doesn't look bad, I'm just not sure what purpose it serves......

    The pic is not my bag but of the hole I'm talking about..

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  2. Fake alert!!!! Don't buy this bag, I 've never seen a Le Pliage with this hole. Do you need pictures of my bag?
  3. The hole is so that you can put a lock through. You thread the lock through one of the holes on the zipper pull and through the hole in the leather tab. A lot of their bags have it.

  4. Ohhh.. makes sense because its a large size and often used to travel.. very clever..
  5. I've never seen a hole IRL, do they do it in the store?:confused1:
  6. Hmm strange! I have never seen a hole in there in all my 6 Longchamps.. is yours from the La Pilage series?
  7. the hole like that is only on the larger more "luggage" size bags so that u can take a lock and loop it thru the hole from the zipper. its not fake.
  8. lily, that is definitely real. all the Type XL and Type L bags come with that hole.

    you probably have never seen the hole because the more common smaller bags (like the "shopping" and the "type s" and "type m") don't have it.
  9. it does look fake to me, the metal medallion looks weird also
  10. If you order a custom one you can choose between 3 dif metals, golden, nickel and bronze. It looks like it is bronze.
    It would really help us say more about the bag if we had a full picture, not just a corner of it. I hate guessing.
  11. lily, I think we have answered OP's questions already...

    I'm not guessing. The bag zipper and tab should look exactly like that for Type L or LX. In the regular Pliage collection, type M, XL, and L (which are relatively large, with short handles) ALWAYS come with "bronze" zipper pulls that look pewter like that.
  12. Also, note in the original post, she said that's not a picture of her bag. So I'm guessing she found that picture elsewhere to show the hole.
  13. the photo is perfectly fine. Trust me! If you don't, just go to or call any Longchamp boutique, and they can confirm for you that the Type M, L and XL have a different color zipper pull

    If you still don't believe me, here is my Type M and my Type L. The punch doesn't show in this photo because the bag is open and it's on the opposite corner.

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  14. The large/travel size does have a hole, in case you want to put a lock on it. My bags were purchased at Lonchamp NYC, and it has a hole. I can post pics of mine if you need to be reassured.
  15. You're very welcome!