longchamp...what bag is this?

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  1. does anyone know what bag this is? it's so cute


  2. It's Legende. Kate Moss is also supposed to help designing it.

  3. thank you!
    the white one is gorgeous =)
  4. I like Longchamps bags. Especially the latest design.
  5. I saw a few Longchamp leather bags in Bloomingdale's recently and they are goooorgeous IRL! I was really impressed with the quality of the leather, the richness of the colors (that purple is TDF:drool:), and they were under $1000 which isn't bad compared to a lot of other brands! :nogood:Even my DH liked the purple bag! and he's verrrry picky. :p
  6. i actually went to longchamps site and one is and one isnt. the white one is legende, but the purple one is their rodeo luxe collection.
  7. I love that purple!!!!
  8. The white is absolutely gorgeous! Drool!

    I have got this Legende one in black so the white one would be perfect for summer!!!
  9. Kate Moss suggested that they line the black patent version with red, that was her influence in the design stage.
  10. i like that white one! loving it..
  11. i want the purple one,but was also eyeing the gold one too..
  12. Hello, I know this is Legende...but does anyone know the name of the material or style? Thanks! Nikole
  13. anyone one own the le pliage tote bag? is it a good skool bag?
  14. I have a couple of Longchamp bags. I think their latest collection has a lot of cute bags.

    I love the white Legende. Have to get it for next summer! :smile:
  15. i love that purple bag, I gotta have it.