Longchamp Travel Bag with handle

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  1. #1 Apr 13, 2016
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  3. 1. there is a Canada thread here for our north neighbors

    2. I dont have this bag but I have looked at it many times. I like the outside pocket and the strap that I would be able to use with other bags but ultimately I decided to pass bc it holds slightly less than a 1899 and I also have a LV Deauville which is similiar in shape.
  4. Hi. Longchamp Canada has a website. Is this the bag you are looking for


    Hope this helps
  5. I guess this is not a very popular bag. I wonder if it has another name for it given on the website it only says le pliage travel bag

  6. Thanks! The option that I can slide it on my carry on handle is a plus. I have the 1899 and I noticed that it doesn't stay in place (sliding on the side) when I push my hand carry
  7. Oh I'm so sorry. Have you tried calling them. They were really helpful in checking stock in stores for me last time I connected with them ...