Longchamp Totes Marked Down at Nordies!

  1. My mother just called to say that the Le Pliage totes are marked down at Nordies. I'm not sure of all of the styles, but there are large totes in red, green, white, khaki, lavender, and small sizes available as well (I'm not sure what colors).

    Call Mary in handbags at the Towson, MD Nordies for more info/to order (410) 296-2111.

    I love, love, love these totes for work & the gym---they clean up beautifully and hold a ton!
  2. do u remeber how much?
  3. YEAH, i want to know how much too...and just Nordie at Towson?
  4. ack i've been wanting one of these!
  5. THANK you so much! I just got the purple/plum and the last kakhi in the large for me and my mom! Mary is a DOLL, and if you speak to Lisa she is fabulous as well!
  6. I think the large totes that were originally $175 were marked down to $116, and the ones that are typically $132 are marked down to $87.

    I'm not sure about the smaller sizes, b/c I'm a big-bag girl!
  7. that's a good deal, thanks for posting!
  8. Thanks for posting! I called and they only have the chalk/white color left in large, I do NOT do well with white haha, and orange, olive green and parma (lilac) left in medium for 76.90
  9. the small ones are i think 75ish and the big ones are 86. she had green, orange, and purple in small, and i think orange and a few other colors in the big.