Longchamp tote

  1. hey guys..

    i've been eyeing a longchamps le pliage tote for a while but i'm not so sure how it'll hold up!
    I'm going to be using it for college next year.. so books and notebooks and such!
    Are these sturdy and everything? Opinions or suggestions? Also, does anyone have a picture of them wearing it? thanks (:
  2. I'm travelling to Europe with mine tomorrow, I always use it as a carry on - It is remarkably strong and holds a ton of stuff - I don't know how heavy your books are (I don't think it's made for that) but it is a terrific bag. Sorry, too late here to take a photo but I'm sure another PF'r will do it.
  3. Lots of people use it for bookbags. I use it for toting around everything, including books.
  4. Le Pliages are great as bookbags! I used mine as one at University. Go for it!
  5. They're quite durable for school, I used both those and the herve chapelier totes, along with a few others. You shouldn't have any problems with them:smile:My only recommendation is to go with a darker color for something that is going to get a lot of use. I had some lighter colored ones that got ink marks on the interior and they showed through to the outside of the bag.
  6. Great bag, great price and a lot of French style. Enjoy!
  7. Longchamp bags are sturdy! I use the large one for groceries, gym and all sorts of errands.
  8. I love the Herve Chapelier bags for books...I think the straps may be more durable than the Longchamp. We have several in the family in all sizes. The XL weekender tote is great. Also, you can throw them in the washer...inside out...gentle cycle but not the dryer.