Longchamp to Stage First Fashion Show in New York

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  1. WWD has the story: https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/exclusive-longchamp-to-stage-first-fashion-show-in-new-york-1202755123/

  2. Note that the piece mentions Kendall is on board for FOUR seasons
  3. le sigh
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  4. Last year when they dropped Alexa Chung, I joked about a Kardashian replacing her because never in a million years did I think it would happen...........I spoke too soon...
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  5. Oh wow! I was told that there was an event coming up soon. Hope they meant this one.

    Yeah, I noticed that about 4 seasons. It might be standard and contracts are made to be broken. Coco did 4 seasons. Alexa did 7 seasons. I never thought Freja was a keeper bc she made me miss Alexa.

    Audrey Marnay was the model before Coco and did only 2 seasons in 2011, She might have been my favorite. And before her was the Kate Moss period and I dont know how many seasons Moss did but it was a lot.
  6. I guess they'll feature some Spring 2019 designs since the Sept. 8 show is taking place during New York fashion week? That would mean we'd get an earlier-than-usual glimpse of what's around the corner! ..... Hmm, maybe I should postpone fall purchase decisions until then.... :thinking:
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  7. I usually do wait to see the colorways for the next season before purchasing anything in leather.

    LC still do press days and presentation s before the fashion show so you might still be able to see early peeks on IG tho.
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  8. Just one week until the Longchamp show at NYFW!

    Longchamp artistic director Sophie Delafontaine posted this on instagram:

  9. The most fun time of year - hooray! Are those bones on that LP? That's new and fun!
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  10. Yes those are dog bones but that's an older Jeremy Scott Pliage bag. Guess Sophie likes it for travel.

    I am excited about the show too. Presumably it will be live-streamed on some of the fashion websites.
  11. I stand corrected! That's old* and fun! :lol: thanks Cosmo :flowers:
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  12. Oic, it's a past bag
  13. Another instagram post from Sophie Delafontaine. Sorry it’s blurry; it’s one of those disappearing IG videos that I took screenshots of.

    84001789-55BD-45FB-A664-E146DFBF9D93.png F10F913E-1AC4-488C-8514-1734EA31C616.png 2049B4AA-39DC-473B-BAF7-A94FA4F25887.png
  14. Another instagram preview of NYFW posted by Sophie Delafontaine