Longchamp Spring Summer 2020

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  1. Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine announced in this interview that Longchamp will return to the New York runway to show its new collection for Spring Summer 2020. It will be the third consecutive season that Longchamp has shown in New York. "We’ve also had two runway shows in NYC now – the third one coming during the SS ’20 NYFW," Delafontaine said.

    New York Fashion Week runs September 6 - 11, 2019. So only about six weeks to go! :smile:
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  4. Longchamp kicks off its instagram campaign ahead of Saturday’s show at NYFW

  5. teaser video on Longchamp instagram

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  6. This was Longchamp's entry when asked by WWD about designer inspirations for SS20:
    “Color detox, vibrant, tonic, delicate and solar.” – Longchamp

    source: WWD.com

  7. from Longchamp instagram

    D715A681-D153-42BF-A560-603E0EB52714.jpeg DFB676B3-9FA1-4620-A964-A8CF8520F184.jpeg
  8. Another IG teaser video.... I think I’m seeing a perforated Voyageuse LGP and a blinged out Mademoiselle bucket bag

    4FF34C0F-1C70-46EF-88E8-86D4C6B27491.jpeg 4F5A72DE-3C92-4BA7-AAA9-D9F17EAD9C11.jpeg
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    from Longchamp instagram... I see lots of Roseau toggles

    Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 1.29.20 PM.png
  10. Here’s the swag bag, similar to the “My Pliage” that Kendall has been carrying

    sources: instagram, Daily Mail


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    Julianne Moore attending the Longchamp SS20 show

    source: instagram

  12. Kate Moss attending the Longchamp SS20 show

    source: instagram

    4F6CE0E0-7420-4B9A-9C08-01961AFB92DF.jpeg 3C91F7E9-6F1D-42C6-80B4-E248EC279530.jpeg A9B2FD1C-58AE-4F3D-AA2E-A76C96CEDFE0.jpeg
  13. Kendall Jenner attending the Longchamp SS20 show

    source: instagram

    FB5A4E71-363D-4A51-A92B-B69F6ACB2DB2.jpeg 95256C3E-7624-4085-8B79-51F09AB21238.jpeg
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    Longchamp SS20 show

    credits: Guillaume Roujas/NOWFASHION.com


    source: instagram

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