Longchamp Spring Summer 2019

  1. Looks like that print is featured on a Pliage bag

    from instagram

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  2. Hooray, fashion week!!! Thanks for updating us Cosmo; you're too kind!! I'll also be trolling instagram but you're so fast at posting! :smile:
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  3. I have been hunting around the fashion websites to try to see who might carry a live stream.... no luck yet. Hoping Longchamp official will stream it.
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    from instagram

    91F3B60C-9B5C-4F41-8EE2-0493CCC4C566.jpeg 96C5DE0F-4F59-427F-88C1-98FF032E41FC.jpeg 5F52DA05-7C64-4147-BD30-88837BA4242B.jpeg

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    from instagram

    058F5300-CE35-4F19-B4AA-9A08989FA5E5.jpeg BEA8A7AE-DA6B-4978-A9E9-55F7B897BCCF.jpeg
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  7. from instagram

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  8. Thanks Cosmo for the thread and pix. :flowers::flowers:

    The color story doesnt say Spring to me. That was a whole lotta fringe and bedazzle.

    And are they serious about beinging back that "exotic" Legende Tote? It wasnt even popular the fisrt time. :confused1:

  9. video from YouTube

  10. from LC instagram

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    Link to the Vogue review and runway pics: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2019-ready-to-wear/longchamp#coverage

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