longchamp sample sale?

  1. does anyone know where the longchamp sample sale is (NYC) ? i know its by invitation and i'm supposed to go with a friend today but i can't seem to find the address lol
    Can't seem to find a thread on it either though i could have sworn i saw it on the forums though...
  2. It is located at 132 Spring Street on the 3rd Floor (Same Location as the store). Went this afternoon, there were lots of leather bags but nothing left from the pliages line. They were doing additional markdowns around 3pm.
  3. gasp! additional markdowns???? what kind! i ended up going yesterday (got in touch w/ my friend and oops, it was NOT invite only lol it just said 'private sale' though my friend said it was invite only! pssh lol) i found nothing i liked except some laptop bags. i just left with a cute belt for $30 and got it altered. did they markdown the belts even more? =\
  4. I didn't notice any belts with additional markdowns, but I was mainly looking at the bags.
  5. Aww, is today the last day of the sale? What was the price range for the bags?
  6. Anyone else go to the sale?