Longchamp Sale!!

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  1. <img alt="">************F0000]Special additional 10% off gift for our loyal Longchamp customers[/COLOR] ************F99CC]************F0000]************F99CC]************F0000]this week only[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]************F0000]. Offer ends 10/28/10. [/COLOR][/COLOR] ************F0000]You will receive an additional 10% off our prices, many of which are already discounted 10-40%.[/COLOR]

    Enter Gift Code
    at checkout
    and you will receive 10% off our already discounted prices.


    All other brands

  2. Is Longchamp included in the extra 10% sale? I tried to make a mock purchase and it doesn't give me an option to indicate the discount code.
  3. Is this a reputable saler? Can anyone confirm that the longchamps are authentic? TIA
  4. ^^they are but i got emails today from both saks & magnums.net for 20% off and they both carry longchamp.
  5. may i know the coupon code for magnums.net for 20% off? I would like to get myself a longchamp. TIA.
  6. coupon code: Oktoberfest

    it's on magnums.net's website