Longchamp - Sale

  1. This is only in stores right, not online?
  2. the last one i went to they didnt have any le pliages on sale, nor that other one (i forgot the name but it's the same except it's got black handles and thicker nylon) - you think they'll have any this time?? =\
  3. does anyone know how much le pilage will cost on sale???
    And when does the sale go to??
  4. Just got back from Bloomies and they had le pliages on sale for 40% off. I got a large short handle for $72 before tax. This was the SCP Bloomies, by the way. They still had more.
  5. I should clarify... they had certain colors for sale (orange, light blue, a light olive green and beige, if I can recall) in mostly medium sizes. They had 1 more large like mine in the green color. But all in all, they had about 20 of them on sale. The SA's weren't very helpful in helping with sizes, though.
  6. they had tons of le pliage on sale from about $60 - $75 for the small, $90 for the medium and $115 (?) for the large-- these were the colored bags, they had in olive, burgandy, light pink, light blue, lime green, orange and other colors. the black and brown never go on sale. they also had wallets and lots of other stuff on sale. the sas were very helpful. (soho)
  7. ^^^ Was that the Longchamp store in Soho or the Bloomingdales?
  8. the longchamp store in soho (it's on spring st)
  9. The Longchamp store on Madison Ave in NYC is also having a sale. I don't remember what color the bags were but they had a lot of the nylon ones w/the leather handles and flap (pilage?). They also had scarves on sale.