Longchamp Sale Update (NYC)

  1. So after ruining a couple of my bags due to rain and harsh NYC weather, I decided to buy into the hype and get a Longchamp le pliage tote. I called the Bloomie's in Soho and they said there were none on sale, so I called the Longchamp store and they listed all these great colors they had on sale. I happily headed over to the Longchamp store on Spring St but was verrryy disappointed. They had a pretty wide selection, but no good colors for the large w/ long strap.

    Le pliage prices and colors were (approximate):

    Backpack (medium sized, no zipper) $80, various colors but only one or two in deep red, navy or black (which are the best colors in my opinion)
    Small tote $60, various colors although I didn't really check these out so I don't know
    Medium w/ short strap $80, lots and lots of good colors- gray, fig, taupe (which is kind of greenish), yellow, lavender, orange, cream, maybe brown and a couple more
    Medium w/ long strap $85, same as the med w/ short strap but were selling pretty quickly
    Long w/ short strap $95? brown, lavendar, fig, orange, taupe (most good colors)
    Long w/ long strap $100, yellow, lavendar, creme, lots of burnt orange, spring green (NO GRAY, FIG, RED, NAVY, BLACK, OTHER GOOD COLORS) :tdown:

    I stood by the non-sale pliage selection for a while, but reconsidered. I just can't bring myself to pay retail after I found out the medium le pliage in France is only 40 euros (less than 60 USD!!!!). :wtf: No wonder everyone has one over there! Not sure about price of the large in France though.
    Anyway, I am disappointed and I reaaally want to go to France now :love:

    P.S. Longchamp sale just started today so they still have a pretty wide selection and it's worth checking out, I guess :shrugs:
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  3. Thanks for posting! I hope I can get over there soon!