Longchamp Rival 4x4 - thoughts?

  1. yay or nay - I think its pretty cute and I love Longchamp bags!!
  2. I like it!! It comes in a suede which looks really nice too!
  3. I say yay! I almost bought that same bag in brown, but I ended up refraining b/c I had just bought 2 Hayden Harnett bags. I'm semi-regretting my non-purchase. :s
  4. Yay!

    I have this version in silver leather and the original bigger version in black leather. This particular model is very conveniently-sized but still fits a lot. It can be worn on the shoulder or in the crook of the arm.

    Here are a couple of pictures (unfortunately I don't have modelling pictures at hand):

  5. I like it!
  6. I love Longchamp! Although I haven't seen the bag IRL, I'm really liking the pics of the 4x4! :drool:
  7. Very pretty.
  8. Like it lots!
  9. Ohhh I love the silver! Great bag...I likey! :p
  10. i love that whole collection. they advertise it alot in the times and im always drooling :drool:
  11. The silver one is very nice!!
  12. How is the leather on these?
  13. Like it.
  14. i like it...esp the silver!
  15. I love the silver one!