Longchamp Prices in the philippines?

  1. eBay for P3,000 for the Large LePliage w/ Long Handles :smile: complete with papers. :yahoo:
  2. hi daliringpam can u please send me the sellerin eBay .. thanks
  3. It is normal, designer brand in Asia is expensive than US
  4. Where is cheaper to get Longchamp? Hong Kong or Philippines? And does anyone knows if the customized le pliage is also available in Philippines? TIA
  5. Hey guys, does anyone know the current price of the LP large travel bag 1624 in Rustans Makati or Shangrila?
  6. Hi!

    Does anybody here bought Longchamp bags from THE BAGMASTER of Zalora Marketplace? Any feedback? Thanks!
  7. Hi!

    Does anybody know the price of LP LLH in greenbelt 5? Because I went to Rustan's Gateway the other day and it's worth Php6,450 but they only have limited color selection. I'm just wondering if the price in gb5 is just the same with gateway's or a bit higher due to its location? I'm planning to buy my very first Longchamp LP tote.️ I hope it's worth it. Thank you!:smile:

  8. They have the same price sis. Doncha worry! By the way, just a tip, try to buy in Duty Free their prices are much cheaper bec they dont have tax ;) happy shopping!

  9. Thank you!:smile:
  10. Would like to read any feedback too
    Thank you.
  11. Check the authenticate thread. I think a few people posted authentication requests for bags purchased on said site.
  12. Hey im thinking of buying my first longchamp, and i saw ensogo and thebagmaster were selling longchamp neo on sale... Any thoughts about those shops? Authentic kaya? :smile:

    Where can i buy authentic longchamp neo for a lower price here sa philippines?
  13. You should search the Authentication thread. You will find several posts regarding thebagmaster.

    I'm sure others here can advise you better on authentic dealers in the Philippines.
  14. Ensogo and other sites that are similar (cash cash pinoy) have a history of selling fakes, and the bagmaster has been on the "authenticate this thread" for too many times as seller of fakes, hence I would stay away from them.

    As for sellers who sell online, there are a few legitimate sellers but they are not official websites. I see a few here and there on instagram but I cannot recommend it as they can easily deactivate their account. It's usually buy at your own risk. Try eBay and when you find something, you can have it authenticated at the "authenticate this" thread. With eBay you have some sort of buyer protection with paypal and you can write a feedback on your purchase. With facebook and instagram, sellers can easily delete your comment or block you altogether.

    Please browse the longchamp forum for topics that may interest you.
  15. Hi! I have to agree. The ones on the deal sites in the Philippines are shady. These deal sites already have a certain amount of markup for these items so just imagine how much they really get these from the sellers/distributors/merchants.