Longchamp Pliages Designs

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  1. I would like to buy more Longchamp bags with designs or the limited edition ones.. I know they released Jeremy Scott designs, Eiffel Tower, Ballet shoes... can anyone please post pictures of the limited edition designs they have for Pliages and the sizes also. Thanks!
  2. Try searching within the forum. Lots of Longchamp information is already posted, with pictures included.

    This season they include the Pliage Badges collection and the Jeremy Scott Bones bag!
  3. ^ buying and selling not allowed on tPF! :nono:

    for current collection, visit Longchamp.com and you can look
  4. I don't see anyone offering to buy or sell{?}
  5. Sorry, maybe I interpret differently. I thought OP says "I would like to buy... can anyone please post photos of ones they have?"

    OP, you mean post photos of the bags Longchamp company sells? :blush: I apologize!
  6. Wow...I thought I was in trouble again for breach of TPF rules!

    I'm glad I'm in the clear...this time ^^
  7. #7 Apr 5, 2010
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2010
    ^ hello. if you do a search you will find threads about this topic (blistering / bubbling) in pliage nylon, but I have never heard the Longchamp bags with designs or the limited edition ones having blistering leather.


    are you talking about the Roseau bags?