Longchamp Pliage & the Bolide

  1. There was an earlier discussion about the Longchamp Pliage sizes that fit the Birkin--I just ordered one from the Longchamp website that fits my Bolide 31 perfectly. I ordered the medium size, with long handles so I could carry it over my shoulder. Folded, it does just fit inside the Bolide, but it is a bit bulky. I will definitely use it for travel, and maybe cram it inside the Bolide on days it might rain.

    inside.jpg bolideinside.jpg carried.jpg
  2. T, that looks great!!! :yahoo:
  3. YEAH!!!!!! I love the Pliage for travel! I put my 30cm Birkins in one and it's PERFECT!!!!
  4. tangle.. OMG It looks great!!

    Shopmom.. which one are you using for the birkin 30??
  5. Great idea.
  6. Looks fab!
  7. Tangle, thanks so much for posting this. Longchamps are so chic even on their own. Lovely to see your gorgeous Bolide tucked safe and sound in it.
  8. That's looks so chic - I love your customised pliage. I have the short handled ones that fit my 35cm Kelly, they work fine on my 31cm Bolide too but the long-handles would be easier for travel.
  9. Ladies: I want to order another Le Pliage with long handles. I have the medium one that I use a lot.

    Question: What SIZE do you ladies think that would fit a HAC 36cm bag on Le Pliage? Large or Extra Large?

    For those of you who have a Le Pliage for your Birkin's kindly let me know, so I can order the appropriate size for my HAC36cm.

  10. I love your customized pliage. It's so cute. I adore these Longchamp bags. They're my mainstay carryon. Definitely perfect for travel (and rainy days).
  11. Um..makes me laugh that people want to buy a bag for their bag!? :roflmfao: and I know I'll probably get flamed but I can understand it keeps it dry / protected / clean etc but surely when you pay all that money for a Birkin you'd want it to be on show..otherwise would it not have been better saving yourself some money and buying a Longchamp bag in the first place? Would a Tesco bag suffice? They are free and would do the same job:graucho:].
  12. Sorry - never noticed it was a Bolide..still, same sentiment applies...
  13. The rationale behind this is when you take your bag icky places - especially when you have to send it through airport security - the outer bag protects it from what could be serious damage. Most of us don't want to check our bags through!
  14. I can see the logic but it just makes me laugh that's all.

    [I have a passport for one of my Steiff bears - it's never been stamped - I wouldn't have the nerve but I thought it was cute at the time..the bear in question has been all round the world and I've started taking photos so in 300 years time a distant relative can sell it at the cyber equivalent of Christies Auctions for millions as it's got "Provenance" LOL!!)
  15. What is a Tesco Bag?? Curious.

    The reason I like to have a Le Pliage "Protector" is solely for the purpose of going in and out of those dirty, inked, oiled, scuffed, germed, grimed, mettalic/rubber security xray machines at the airport or terminals.

    Being in the Aviation industry and as a Flight Attendant...I've seen Hermes Birkins, Vuittons, Chanels get caught up on those mettalic rollers and destroy it.

    I saw the horror on a lady at SNA, CA airport just last week...when her Birkin 35cm Blue Jean Clemence strap (You know..the Strap the goes around the bag with the HW) got STUCK on the metal roller...scratched the Hardware (I think it got bent since the TSA personnel, FORCEFULLY YANK!! it to let it go AND there were other big luggage going on TOP of it, running it over) The poor Birkin came out and have large, obvious Black Marks all over the straps and the sides. She was mortified and upset, about to cry. I wanted to help, but I have to get to my plane to work. I did told her and recommended to take it to Hermes Spa ASAP!! Neither TSA or any security personnel will reimburse or care about it. Nothing was done.